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Proud to Serve the Community

Dr. Molato and his wife Dr. Brenna, who has a Doctor of Pharmacy, are thrilled to be part of a clinic that has been serving the community for 35 years. “We’re proud of the past and excited to bring an additional integrated care approach to further serve the community,” said Dr. Brenna.

“We’ve been pleased that the patient population was so receptive to us. They’ve given us the confidence to continue doing what we’re doing,” said Dr. Molato. It’s been rewarding for him to hear from patients that they’re getting great results. Those results motivate Dr. Molato to find, for each patient, what options will help improve their health.

Many Modalities to Maximize Patients’ Health

As no two patients are alike, no two care plans are either. Dr. Molato provides customized care to meet each patient’s unique needs. In addition to different types of chiropractic care, we recently added the following to our suite of services:

There will be more modalities in the pipeline to ensure that we can meet all our patients’ needs. Our doctors are always seeking more opportunities to optimize patients’ care. They do so by incorporating various in-house modalities into their care or working with other practitioners.

An Update on the Calcaras

Dr. Rick Calcara and his wife Phoebe are settling into their new home with their grandkids. Being around for their family has been highly rewarding. The Calcaras are so happy that the practice remains in highly capable hands!

Get Started Today

Whether you want to get out of pain or achieve optimal health through wellness care, Dr. Molato and Dr. Brenna look forward to caring for you and your family. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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